Yamaha YS200 4op presets download

In this post I share the Yamaha YS200 preset bank patches of 100 presets. 

I could not find these shared anywhere else on the web and they may be useful to owners of Yamaha 4op synths like the TX81Z or any of the 4op DX series.

I have not tested these in any plugin emulations like DEXED but if they can load sysex patches they might work.

Note that the YS100 and 200 (where these patches were downloaded from) are the next generation after the DX series so some of the patches might have effects that are available n the YS/TX series, so they might sound a bit shittier without that.

Yamaha YS200 Presets
Yamaha YS200 Presets

I wanted to share these patches to 4opHQ which is a really useful site but their only contact is via social media which I do not have or use, and I am not sure if the site is even still maintained. If anyone can share these there or on other 4op bank sites feel free to do so.

I downloaded the patches using Edisyn which is an awesome free patch editor and does a lot of other stuff as well.

Yamaha YS200 Preset Patches download

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